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The Sanctuary – Women and Children’s Refuge

Empowering Women and Children Escaping Domestic Violence

The Sanctuary for women and children is very close to Lynda’s heart due to her very personal experience of her own mother being at the receiving end of domestic violence.

Possessing an intimate knowledge of the emotional challenges in the life of women who have been or are in a domestic violence situation, from her own mother to the hundreds of women Lynda has worked with she places a huge importance on empowerment.

Empowerment means having power and authority over your own life.  Having the confidence and self-esteem to live life on your own terms.  Breaking free from the self-destructive patterns of the past and living a life of personal empowerment with love, peace and joy the theme in their lives.

Lynda is delighted to offer her services free of charge to The Sanctuary for Women and Children as her way of giving back.  Full day workshops and consultations which Lynda provides, assist the women to more empowered lives and a greater level of happiness and enjoyment than they may have experienced for a long time.

You may be interested to read these testimonials from workshops run by Lynda at The Sanctuary.

“This was inspiring, enlightening and positive. We can never stop learning – thank you for Helping Handsyour inspiration for a better me.” – Anonymous (currently at The Sanctuary)

“I appreciate your kindness in helping women who have huge issues and escaping DV. The women were open to change and moving forward. It also helped me too. Thanks.” – Simone Patterson, Founder of The Sanctuary

“Today I have left the past behind and have chosen to start from now and this moment. With much love and gratitude I thank you Lynda Petterwood for sharing and giving me tools and skills I am using to heal, love, forgive myself and others. Today I understand my present state of being and consciousness, and know what positive changes I am implementing now. With my thoughts, words and actions I am creating a life I desire for myself. I can’t stop smiling because I have the secret to everything I need. I HAVE ME.” – Jolande Attard, Attendee at a Sanctuary Workshop

Thank you for enlightening me with information. It was good to talk about self-esteem and confidence. – Anonymous (currently at The Sanctuary)


Is there any way you can support The Sanctuary with time, resources, money or energy?  Please see below for ways you be involved in the Gift of Giving.


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The Sanctuary empowers women and children to regain control over their own destiny, to set new goals, build trust in others, and to make positive and lasting change in their lives. Your donation will go directly towards funding domestic violence programs and vital accommodation solutions.  Your gift will go a long way towards changing the lives of women and children who are desperately in need.