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From Grief to Relief Sessions

“Experience Total Emotional Freedom”free-woman

Is anger, depression or anxiety prevalent in your life?
Do you feel a profound sadness, emptiness or overwhelm?
Are you feeling stuck, wondering if there is more to life?

You are not alone …

GRIEF is a natural response to loss; the loss of a loved one, a job, a home, a way of living, even the kids leaving home, or the end of a marriage. The more significant the loss, the more intense the grief will be. Prolonged grief can lead to depression, manifests into dis-ease in the physical body and cause relationships breakdown.

“From Grief to Relief” is an amazing and empowering 5-step program that will TRANSFORM your life.

In these sessions you will learn the tools that you can use to have total FREEDOM and be re INSPIRED to love yourself and LOVE life.

The experience is truly transformational and can be applied to all aspects of your everyday life.

If you are ready to;

  • Experience a more empowered you
  • Heal your life
  • Release your anxiety, worry, guilt and anger and take back control of your life

If you are ready for Total Emotional Freedom
“From Grief to Relief” session is for you.

What you will experience in 1 extraordinary day.

  • How to Cope Under Any Circumstance. Learn proven and effective techniques that will help you cope any time you feel overwhelmed.
  • Banish Anxiety, Be In Control. Learn How you can take your life back into your own hands, free of the burden of grief and depression.
  • Have clarity and gain perspective back in your life, feel energised and happy again.
  • Total freedom and be re inspired to find your purpose in life again
  • Discover How to Live and Love Again. Experience love, joy, bliss and all the emotions that make you feel alive again

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