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Lynda Petterwood, the Founder and CEO of Lotus Empowerment, a coaching; consulting and training business joined eHealth Radio and the Personal Development & Stress Management Channels, to discuss how prevalent stress is in society today.

Listen to the interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Lynda Petterwood discuss the following:

  • How prevalent is stress in society and what are some of the top causes of stress?
  • Why did you become involved with helping people to manage stress?
  • What are some tools and tips you could give the listener today?
  • Is there a specific technique to stop worrying?
  •  How does working with somebody such as yourself, and with your expertise, help people minimize and manage stress even more than the valuable techniques the listeners have just received?

Listen to the podcast here:

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Exclusive Interview with host Eric Dye & guest Lynda Petterwood

“How to be an Empowered Entrepreneur”

Listen to the exclusive interview on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network (EPN) with host Eric Dye & guest Lynda Petterwood discuss the following:

  • Why are you described as Australia’s leading instant transformation specialist?
  • How do you achieve these great results?
  • What specific beliefs would help an entrepreneur be Empowered?
  • When a person has adopted these 7 Beliefs are you saying their lives will be instantly transformed?
  • What types of problems and challenges do you help people overcome?




Lynda being interviewed by Iolande Skinner on Jacki Hendy NBTV which was featured on Foxtel Aurora Channel 183.