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Melinda Cruz Testimonial – Worked through her stress and anxiety

Kath Barker Testimonial – Worked through finding where her passion lies :

Brad Thomas Testimonial – Worked through reducing his stress and finding solutions:

Billy Rickman Testimonial – Worked through reducing stress in his business (http://www.xyskinandbody.com.au/sales-training-event-with-billy-rickman/):

Lynda your work is magical, because honestly I’m in such a better place!!!! Thank you!!!   I am sooo much calmer now – I don’t have a million things going through my head anymore!!!!
I am aware of my actions. I felt so comfortable around Lynda, with her warmth and I told her that I wanted to stop constantly comparing myself and worrying about what others think about me. I told her I wanted to feel free! Lynda healed me through hypnotherapy.* Since then I feel like my head is so clear. During my time at work – I am more productive with a clearer mind. The comparing has almost stopped – I catch myself as soon as I start doing it. Thank you Lynda for helping me to achieve the goal of feeling free. – Karlie Louise – London, United Kingdom

* Karlie had the experience of hypnotherapy, however many modalities were used in our time together to achieve the wonderful result of having a clear mind, feeling calmer and feeling free. (Lynda Petterwood)


Naomi English Animo Design Director

“Lynda was my synchronistic signpost and I knew she would be the conduit to my unconscious mind to help me see what I was doing to myself.  I found the process with Lynda very relaxing and connected with her and her language from the beginning.  I intuitively knew Lynda wanted to help me and she has!  I would definitely recommend Lynda and Lotus Empowerment to anyone that wants a better life for themselves.” –Naomi English, Director, Animo Design


I will be living a fit and healthy life and I will be happy and excited at home with my wife and kids (instead of frustrated and angry). The time with Lynda has now started a new chapter – happy, excited and fit. –Brad Tarrant


Janet BentleyI came to work today feeling drained (level 6 out of 10 with 10 being the worst) after a sleepless night worrying about what’s happening in the world, and numerous other things.  Lynda took me through a quick process to clear this feeling of being drained and as a result, I am now much lighter and far more energetic – my level of being drained is now at zero.  I am so blessed to work for Lynda as her PA because when instances like this occur, she is there to talk with and to offer her expertise to assist with turning negative thoughts into positive ones.  In addition, it is certainly an awesome bonus to work in such an environment of empowerment and positivity.  Thank you Lynda. – Janet Bentley, Pacific Pines


“I attended a breakfast networking meeting where Lynda presented. Lynda is a passionate and natural speaker, who totally transfixed me with her down to earth and genuine manner. On reflection, it was Lynda’s total candidness that really hit me – and made me realise that it’s not often I’ve seen a truly genuine presenter, someone with no hidden agenda but to simply share her story and knowledge.” – Tracey Wilson, Feb 2014 Naked Health Food


I was feeling unhealthy, anxious and not in control of my own life. I was super surprised how relaxed and empowered I became. I feel fabulous with full control of my life. I would recommend Lynda and Lotus Empowerment to anybody who feels stressed, tired or needs to change something in their life.- Judie Walker


Today I have left the past behind and have chosen to start from now and this moment. With much love and gratitude I thank you Lynda Petterwood for sharing and giving me tools and skills I am using to heal, love, forgive myself and others. Today I understand my present state of being and consciousness, and know what positive changes I am implementing now. With my thoughts, words and actions I am creating a life I desire for myself. I can’t stop smiling because I have the secret to everything I need. I HAVE ME. – Jolande Attard – Gold Coast

“I am so glad I came to see Lynda Petterwood last year because she helped me get through the worst stage of my life. I was feeling lost, lonely, guilty and everything else as I lost my husband at 41 years old. The doctors had prescribed anti-depressants but this wasn’t helping as the anxiety and panic attacks were a common everyday occurrence. Since I saw Lynda, I have not had one panic or anxiety attack. Thank you, Lynda, you have put my life back in perspective.”– Marie Guse, Brisbane


Lynda, you helped me find a part of myself I forgot once existed. This part of myself anchors me back to my core, to who I truely am. What a gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had no words that can express just how powerful and transformational your session was. Thank you Lynda. – Kellie Ralph, Gold Coast


gail-4I feel much lighter and confident to continue on my purpose easily and gently with myself. I recommend and look forward to working with Lynda through my issues and completely clearing my energy for the changes and abundance I desire. – Gail Nobel, South Australia


Craig McNiven“Hi Lynda, I would like to thank you very much for the massive change that has occurred for me with public speaking. I would always feel flustered,  I could feel my face turn red and I would sweat. I would stumble over my words and panic. Now after our session,  I did a presentation in front of 30 people and had extreme confidence without any of the previous symptoms. 10 of those people became clients on the spot. You could imagine how happy I am. Thanks again.” – Craig McNiven, Franchisee at Ecomist, Gold Coast


melinda-cruz“Before I met Lynda, I didn’t really know what I was after. I had a lot of stress and anxiety and it actually hurt. Spending time with Lynda has absolutely transformed me; it just happened instantly and I walked away feeling freer. I can’t thank her enough, the things we talked about: joy, love, bliss. I felt love radiating from her. I definitely feel empowered!”
– Melinda Cruz, founder of miraclebabies.org.au


andrea2Dearest Lynda, How you have healed not only my life but my family as well! My gratitude is endless. Thank you, most of all, for working with my daughter Ella when she had a severe eczema flare-up. Overnight, I could see the change and within a week, it had completely healed… you helped me through a difficult time in my life when I had anxiety. Thank you so much, it has completely diminished now and my confidence is soaring. Thank you, Lynda. – Andrea Kleidon


The session has freed me to believe again in my own power to choose. Loved the feeling of relaxation, seeing the purple hues drifting in and out! – Marielena McKay, Shailer Park


In such a short time my life changed totally. I gained freedom, wisdom and insight into why I do/did what I did. This is a wonderful experience – it works! – A. Ashcroft, Brisbane


When I started working with Lynda, I was feeling overwhelmed with my work, petrified to call clients and always worried about money. After the first session, I already found so much clarity and felt so much lighter! We then set priorities and intentions for each session, worked on my blocks, fears and insecurities, to create/manifest a fulfilling and beautiful life. Lynda is always there to support me when I feel a bit low and keep me accountable between sessions. I now feel good enough and ready to conquer the world and share my message! Thank you so much my dear Lynda for your amazing work and passion to help and empower others. – Aurelie Hervet, New South Wales


They say that all journeys begin with a single step. While I was stepping through the world looking for guidance, I then met Lynda. Her loving wisdom and kind heart has given me my own tools to find my own path. Now each step is filled with light and compassion. Thank you Lynda for helping me find my path to happiness. – Caren Maree, Gold Coast


My stress levels dropped down from 8 to 0 and I feel absolutely amazing. Thank you so much. – Neola Liebenberg


I am a cleaner and I help people clean the rubbish out of their houses. I’m so glad I met Lynda because she helped me clean the rubbish thoughts out of my head. – Jophel Gee


This has been an experience never to forget. Loved the way personal attention was given, talking through the process and understanding it all better. I am glad I made the decision to change my life forever. Thanks Lynda for your time. – Anonymous

Anne Meehan
I felt comfortable in her company. Lynda made me feel relaxed and that it was possible to quit smoking. I now know I am a non-smoker and have a new lease of life. I would definitely recommend Lynda to any other person wanting to quit (smoking). Thank You. – S. Curtis


I met Lynda Petterwood two years ago. I was feeling depressed and unwell. I wasn’t sleeping. The Doctor had given me two weeks off work, She was so kind and helpful and even came to my house to see me, twice. I was so tired I really didn’t want to see anyone, but Lynda convinced me that she could help. She helped me to get a different perspective on my situation, and I have been well and happy and living a great life since. I am very grateful for her kindness, she helped me through a difficult time. I highly recommend her to anyone, in the same situation. Kind Regards – Amanda Jones, Capalaba


Lynda enabled me to see a way passed all my blockages. She is a delight to be with. I can honestly recommend her to everyone. – Andrew Price, Gold Coast


(Feedback from NLP presentation) – I could not have spent 2 hours of this day in any better way, extremely beneficial, thank you. – Majorie, Burleigh Heads


I was embarrassed before being the odd one. I felt disrespectful for the hospital patients when I was working with me being a smoker. The whole session was very relaxing, calming and soothing. Lynda makes you feel very comfortable and is very honest. Life feels more fulfilling now, and I will have more fun. – Steve Massey


I went for counselling and psychology for 15 years on and off and felt there was a great sadness. I had a struggle inside and felt like I was on alert for years. Now after working with Lynda I know I deserve to be happy and I feel a sense of peace. I feel free and my body feels relief. – Pearl Harris


The process was amazing – Lynda was so great and really helped me relax and stop being nervous. The relaxation I felt was so beautiful. I am now free, happy, healthy and relaxed. I would definitely recommend Lynda to everyone who is ready to have control of their lives again. – Jessica Kelly


Thank you Lynda for taking me through a gentle process which assisted me in letting go of resentment that I had held on to for many years. The only person I had been hurting was myself – I now feel so much lighter and can look back on the people I previously resented with love and peace in my heart. I definitely recommend Lynda to anyone who wants an improved and enhanced life for themselves.. – Anonymous


I’m sDoowi Wieruszewskio happy I came to see Lynda Petterwood because I had less time with my son. I feel I didn’t have control over my life. I was stuck with the habit and now I am living for me and my family. I feel confident and happy and free now. – Doowi Wieruszewski


I was feeling stressed and was smoking. The session was great and wonderful. It was relaxing too. I feel better now and look forward to a good and healthy life without smoking. I would recommend Lynda to people I know who are smokers. – Prashant Padia – Civil Engineer


I was in a very bad and dark place in my life when I met Lynda.  There wasn’t a day when I didn’t think about dying and there were many days where I hated myself so much, I would spiral into a depression that made me cycle through bad habit after bad habit that reinforced my hate.  After the stupor subsided I was able to function again normally for a time until I did it again.  To escape this self abuse I would watch youtube or play computer games and I would cycle between them.

I met Lynda at a personal development event and she offered to help me because she could see how much I was struggling.  It was very generous and caring and that’s what started our relationship.  When I first went and saw Lynda, she allowed me to be me and open up.  Her space is non-judgemental and her desire to help me was always out in front for me to see which allowed me to open up.  After working with Lynda, I started to see that these crippling lows would come every couple of weeks so it was great to work with Lynda on a fortnightly basis.  As you can see, I had major self-worth issues and she worked with me through them.  I was running a business at the time and these issues were holding me back.  Now I am making more in 3 months than I was making in a year and I am moving forward with my life.  Before I couldn’t stand to live with me and now I am looking forward to bringing a partner into my life.  I am excited and grateful and I don’t feel like dying any more.  Lynda has been a blessing in my life and if you get the opportunity to work with her, do whatever you can to do it.

(I would prefer not to put my name on this because it is a dark part of my life which I prefer to tell people in my own way when I meet them.  I did want to share it this way though because it may help others in the same situation). – Anonymous


Having attended a Stress to Success Workshop run by Lynda, I came away with skills to keep me focused and motivated to future success. It was an interesting day with lots of fun and laughs. – Kylie E. Mudgeeraba


This has been an experience never to forget. Loved the way personal attention was given, talking through the process and understanding it all better. I am glad I made the decision to chanage my life forever. Thanks Lynda for your time. – Chrisna Weacherdeld, Gold Coast


I feel wonderful already, it was empowering and relaxing as well as easy.  I recommend Lynda to anyone.  I have made a friend for life. – Tina Pethtel


David ChristieI had a negative mindset which I couldn’t seem to shift.    Lynda led me through a gentle non-confronting reality check which changed my direction and my well-being into a positive one.  – David Christie, Gold Coast


Before I saw Lynda, my life was very stressful. I had major anxiety attacks regularly and I could not socialise with people.  I had pain in my chest regularly.  I suffered from anger and changing moods.  I never felt happy in myself.  My doctor did not want to put me on any medication as it would just hide the problems which would still be there.  So, he referred me to Lynda.  Lynda has brought out many issues and emotions have been cleared.  The pain in my chest is gone; anxiety is gone; stress levels are down.  My relationship with my wife and children is better; I am having more fun; I am not angry anymore.  I never thought I could change so quickly.  My life is so much better and I would recommend Lynda to anyone. – Mike Stumbles, CEO, Mike’s Marine


I attended a Workshop organized by Lynda – I found her to be a humble, kind and genuine presenter with the most enjoyable aspect of the Workshop being the course content. – Zoe H. Gold Coast


Lynda is an excellent presenter and I enjoyed the content of the course I attended. – Billy R. Gold Coast


Vanessa DartPrior to seeing Lynda I felt like I had a secret/s to hide, which I did. Lynda took me through the whole process ensuring that I clearly understood everything and the reasons why and enabled me to uncover and remove my blockages. It is a relief to be free. I recommend Lynda to anyone who wants to emerge and own their true self and to live life to the fullest. – Vanessa Dart, Entrepreneur, Gold Coast


My partner and I went to see Lynda separately in December 2012. We were both suffering from depression, having trouble communicating and working through difficult situations together. After speaking with Lynda for just a short period of time we both felt relaxed, comfortable and able to open up about the things that were affecting us. Lynda made us feel better and gave us something constructive to focus on. Learning how to feel empowered and concentrate on getting the balances right in our lives. This helped my partner and I break out of self-destructive patterns that had been ruining our relationship. Over the past year our life together has improved and will continue to with the tools Lynda provided. – Steven and Savannah, Brisbane


My life was pretty stressful when I was a smoker.  Seeing Lynda has made me feel much better about myself and now being a non-smoker, I feel at peace.  The session was very relaxing, and funny and value for money.  I can now have that great holiday every year.  – Michael Bloomfield, Queensland


I feel free, calm, relaxed and floating. I do not feel like I have a battle going on in my head any more. – Kasey Marstaeller, Gold Coast


“Lynda is such a warm and loving person. I met her recently at an event and I was instantly drawn to her and we connected straight away. Before I knew it I was telling her about some of my inner most fears. One of those fears I developed at a very young age and this was my fear of money. I grew up in fear of never having enough and always heard the saying “money doesn’t grow on trees” at home almost everyday. It was a belief system I brought into my adulthood and I was ready to finally break the pattern. Lynda suggested that we meet 1:1 so that we could determine where this belief system derived from.
During our session Lynda helped me to regress back to the very moment I developed this fear and she helped me then to replace that fear with a new positive belief system. I had never been in a session like this before and Lynda really helped me to feel comfortable and at ease with the process. I now feel renewed and have a new belief system around money. I no longer feel trapped or in fear or where the next pay cheque will come from. It could not have come at a better time as I am just setting up my own new business as an Integrative Health Coach and having a good relationship with money will help my business go a long way. I am so happy that I asked Lynda for help. I realise now that the people who are not afraid to ask for help are the ones who will succeed in life. So please if you need help in any area of your life please please work with Lynda! She will transform you and your life” – Niamh Cronin, Integrative Health Coach, Sydney


“I am a proud Aboriginal woman and I will not be defined on anyone’s opinion on me and there will be no-one or nothing that’s going to stop me from achieving my goals.” Just thought I’d share since you were my inspiration – thank you for doing what you do.” – Karen, Gold Coast


“Angel Lynda, thank you so very, very, very much indeed. So very much. Am unable to describe the size of my gratitude. Just know that you are a turning point in my life. Goodness me, I wonder if you have an inkling of the extent? All my love to you and one big hug after another.” – Marian, Shailer Park, Queensland


Empowerment Day – I came feeling heavy, confused and frustrated with a few things in my life. I now feel lighter, more peaceful and focused. Made some great new friends too as everyone was so welcoming. Lauren W, Labrador, Gold Coast


Thank you Lynda for your wisdom and understanding of my issues. Through hypnosis Lynda was able to take me back in time to the start of my issues; the feelings afterwards were of peace and lightness. And what had been a major concern was now no longer upsetting me. Thank you again for your awesome assistance in guiding me to this peaceful place. Lynda is the lady to see if you have any unresolved issues – she can assist you, as she did me, to find the inner peace you have been looking for. – Anonymous


Empowerment Day – Without knowing what to expect from today, I got so much empowerment and some fantastic tools for increasing confidence. I would happily recommend and return to be educated and empowered. The day was quite intimate and I felt growth throughout the room. Sharon Anyos, Labrador, Gold Coast


My life was totally out of control with no organization, bobbing along like a rudderless boat. With Lynda’s caring attitude and practical help, I feel able to take back control of my life and deal with issues, stress and problems as they emerge. Thank you Lynda for your support and help and the extra time spent with me thanks to you caring attitude. – Robyn P, Gold Coast, Queensland


I am now fit, happy, healthy, motivated – no longer hiding.  Lynda was very easy to work with, easy to get along with, very bright and easy to speak to.  Thanks Lynda. – Jay L, Gold Coast, Queensland


It was the easiest and greatest session ever with Lynda and I’m so happy I have now taken control of my life. – Matt Hancock, Pro Golfer, Gold Coast, Queensland


After 42 years of wasting time, money and breaking down my health, I chose to quit smoking. I had tried what seemed every possible method to quit with no success. Then my friends told me of Lynda’s work and how they had successfully quit. I spent months researching her background and the effectiveness and finally took the step. Thank you. – Don Hogarth, Naval Officer, Queensland


Lin Jessop

I had some major stumbling blocks in my life which prevented me from realising my own worth. I felt I deserved nothing and that’s what I had. I now feel worthy and motivated and look forward to the next chapter in my life. Lynda is so easy to open up to – my innermost feelings were in safe hands. – Lin Jessop, Gold Coast


On 29th November 2013 – 3 days before my 55th birthday – I went to Lynda to stop smoking. I had saved the money and hoped that this would be the final time of “trying”.  I have to say that even though I had sounded confident to Lynda, I did have my doubts, as we all do, that this would indeed work for me. I had tried everything, as most of us have done. Well … Lynda was the consummate professional: compassionate; non-judgemental; non-lecturing and very caring in her conducting of this session. I made a point to her that I was not prepared to gain weight and that I also wanted it to be easy, with no cravings. To my absolute amazement and surprise, this has actually been the case. I still weigh about 54-55Kgs, have not had cravings and when I think I may have wanted a cig, I had an e-cig to help. I might add, I did not use it hardly at all and have not used at all now for months.  Yiiiiii ha! So this is it. I am now a non-smoker and I love:
My breath; increased money in my bank–saving for a holiday; I can sing again – woo hoo; more time – used to spend 90 minutes a day, at least, smoking; increased lung capacity; confidence when speaking to people that I don’t stink!; greater confidence to kiss my man, nice breath!; beautiful smelling hair and clothes; my car smells great; reduced insurance premiums; and I’m sure there are many others – just can’t think of them at the moment. If I can do it, so can you. I love what this has done for me and my family so much that I am doing the course myself to help others. Thank you Lynda and this programme (Quit in 60 minutes) – it does work so go for it. – Cheryl Yamazuki, Gold Coast


I had been searching for a fair while, trying to find myself and seeking the meaning of life.  I also had a desire to find my true purpose and assess my intuition.  I have really enjoyed the experience of working with Lynda and it is helping me see what I need to do to realize my dream, for a much more fulfilling and enlightened life. Before working with Lynda I felt like it would be extremely unlikely to find and assess my life purpose.  I needed Lynda as a guide to find my way – to a fulfilled life and a more enlightened life, also to reach my potential, and to find and enjoy my true purpose in life. Lynda has awakened a passion in me for achieving what the creator has meant for me.  A passion for me to achieve what I am on this earth to do.  I love the way that Lynda has helped me do this as well as overcome my limiting fears. – Dave Reynolds, Gold Coast


I would like to thank you once again for your kindness and endless good advice during our sessions together. You have been of great assistance to me in guiding me on my path to enlightenment. – D. Reynolds, Parkwood, Queensland


Nearly 50 years of smoking was killing me. Lynda has helped me feel free and get rid of that awful habit. Oh to breathe fresh air again. Hallelujah!! – Puhi Hadfield


Recently, I experienced considerable pain in and around my right hip area.  I came for a session with Lynda, and prior to this session, I had not been able to sleep on my right side, and in addition, I was unable to enjoy going for walks.  At the beginning of the session I placed my pain level at 7.  Lynda guided me through an exercise to minimize the pain – this exercise was repeated three times, at the end of which the pain level had decreased from 7 to 6, then to 4, then to 2.  My hip joint moved more freely and the discomfort was greatly reduced.  By the end of the day, following my session with Lynda, I gauged my pain level at 1.  The relief I felt was awesome.  Since that session I have not experienced any increase in the level of pain, can now sleep on my right side and have started to walk again gradually building up to longer walks.  Thank you Lynda for taking me through this exercise, it was a gentle process and I felt instant relief from the pain.  Lynda is so caring and easy to work with and I thoroughly recommend that you see her if you need assistance with any aspect of your life. – Janet, Gold Coast


I felt incongruent with my true self. My feelings that resulted from that left me unable to present myself fully and with confidence to the world. Knowing I am now a non-smoker fills me with certainty, excitement and positivity.  Lynda’s ability to allow me to identify that which has held me back in the past is a wonderful gift. The love and respect she demonstrates makes me truly grateful. – Phil Squires, Gold Coast


Photo for testimonial Rachel PFollowing the breakdown of a relationship with a man who was controlling & manipulative I was struggling to find the ‘real me’ again.  Lynda gave me that perspective back and helped me to regain the self confidence and self worth I had thought was lost for good!  It was an amazing eye-opening moment when she helped me to fully realise and believe the potential that I have. As a result, I am a lot more at peace with myself.  Thank you Lynda, its hard to find the words to express how much you have helped me to move on with my life. – Rachel P, Varsity Lakes


Oh my goodness, I don’t know where to begin with how “well” and positive I feel. I actually took today off as a sickie and am so so happy … and you know what just happened … just checked my Tuesday night lotto and won $100! Oh my … chuckled to myself and thanked the universe. So thankful for the gift you have given me. Feel like Pollyanna is coming back. Thank you so very much. – L Swift, Pimpama, Queensland


Life – smoking was disgusting, smelly, embarrassing, it was expensive and inhibited relationships with my in-laws.  During the hypnosis I experienced a euphoric inner peace, the most relaxed feeling I have ever had.  I feel relieved that my addiction with smoking is going from my life and I am excited about my new healthy future. – Robyn, Brisbane


I was a slave to the cigs, sick of coughing my guts out. Health deteriorating rapidly.
The process was extremely easy, relaxing and personal. All done with utmost professionalism by Lynda. I now have a feeling of utmost peace with myself. A feeling of chains having been cut from my inner self. A sense of purpose. – Barry Dewhurst, Gold Coast


I have so much more clarity and a better understanding of how I can make the most out of my own life. Lynda helped give me a confidence in myself and encouraged me to pursue my own goals and aspirations. I am so much happier with myself and the positive affect this has had on those around me. – Molly May, Gold Coast


Lynda did a great job making me a non-smoker. Lynda has saved my life – Lynda has helped my family. – Jason Hardy, Founder of Bounty Gate


lynda-petterwood-testimonial-osh-bhabaniMy initial call was a little strange for me to understand but I was very interested in the process after that. On my visit I felt welcome and relaxed straight away. During my visit I found myself thinking through things in a way I had not thought before. The process of questioning was thought provoking and an eye opener. The hypnotherapy process was excellent and was a powerful visual experience for me that will help me connect with this session. It’s very exciting to be a non-smoker who is happy and successful. Thanks Lynda. – Osh Bhabani, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast


I arrived with feelings of depression and unworthiness, lost and no direction in life. Lynda discovered the feelings of my current state of mind in various areas of my life and together we uncovered the TRUE desired state of what I want in my life and how I prefer to feel. Lynda used various techniques to shift my stubborn mindset and negative beliefs and I felt instant positive feelings and mindset about myself. The hypnosis session was very relaxing. Lynda’s voice is very calming and reassuring as she gently guided me through the process. At the end of the session, I felt overwhelmed with joy, pride and love for myself. I will stop listening to others negativity and trust ME. I feel a genuine release of stubborn feelings and beliefs that have held me back from pursuing my dreams. Lynda is a wonderful, kind and caring person, very passionate about achieving results within the session. I left with guidance and activities to continue at home to ensure I don’t fall backwards into old thought patterns and behaviours. I am very grateful for her assistance, wealth of knowledge and experience to gently guide this stubborn, independent soul on a new life path of fulfilment and abundance. I highly recommend Lynda to help you release unwanted behaviours and patterns in your life. Thank you, with love. – Jennifer Worrall, Gold Coast


What an experience to have your goals and visions set right in front of you to take and put forward in life using your mind to get back on track. Thanks for your support Lynda. It was a great, informative session, Lynda is easy to talk with and motivating. – Jonathon Rodgers


I feel amazing as if somebody just turned the light on. Everything is so much brighter and clear. I feel I have more energy – it’s so good it’s hard to describe. It is just amazing. Lynda has done a fantastic job and is so pleasant and I recommend her very highly. – Simon Grams, Retired, Brisbane


I felt so comfortable with Lynda. Her knowledge and talent have empowered me to change my life from the bad, unacceptable behaviour and patterns that crept into my life, to now – living my life to my highest level. – Lee-ann, Gold Coast


I was tired and a slave to cigarettes. I was tired and disappointed in myself. The process was easy and suited me perfectly. I felt relaxed and confident. I now feel free from the slavery – finally at peace in my mind and ready to get on with my life and live to my full potential. I would recommend Lynda to anyone who needs guidance in finding clarity in their life. – Matt Wiley, Gold Coast


[Abridged version] My life had done a complete 360 spin for the worst since I returned to Australia. I’d had a wealthy successful life overseas and was proud of my achievements. Since returning to Australia it took 6 long years of heartache & heartbreak, immobilising depression, panic, anxiety & physical sickness including hospitalisation to get to the point where I realised nothing will change till something does!  I knew I deserved better but I needed someone to help pull me up from under all that heavy suffocating CONCRETE feeling weighing me down for so long. Deep down I knew I needed help…not medication…not hospitalisation…not therapists.  I realised I wanted to control how I felt and I did not feel in control of my life -every area of my life was suffering.

I was going for my first clinical hypnosis session at the DRs clinic when my eyes were captivated by Lynda’s stop smoking brochure. That was funny in itself as I don’t even smoke!. However as Lynda confirmed to me that evening, when we are truly ready to change we ‘SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY’ and are drawn to what we need or want.  I had only spoken with Lynda one time by that stage but I can say she communicated to me beyond the surface – it was as if a weight had been lifted off me & I saw a flicker of new light. My life started to appear less serious and for the first time in a looong looong time I laughed – that has to feel good to anyone who had been feeling flat for as long as I had – faking happiness at the workplace whilst feeling alone & miserable at home. Lynda is Awesome! Life is for living & enjoying laughter – being your best version of HAPPINESS!  As the saying goes…’when the student is ready the teacher appears’…and I assure you absolutely, you will find Lynda will assist you to manifest the mindshift to change gears as she has done for me after only one session! – Magic & light! – Miisha de Clunes


I appreciate your kindness in helping women who have huge issues and escaping DV. The women were open to change and moving forward. It also helped me too. Thanks – Founder of Domestic Violence Refuge


Now I have quit smoking!! I am free from the hold smoking had on me and will be a stronger, fitter, healthier person because of it. Thank you so much Lynda – Jill Larsen (47 years a smoker)


This was inspiring, enlightening and positive. We can never stop learning – thank you for your inspiration for a better me. – Anonymous (presently in DV Refuge)


Ken McLeod 2I have been thinking lately about how lucky I have been to have you help me, in my time of need, a few months back. My life has taken a massive turn for the better. I have found love in myself and with someone very special to me. I believe that with your guidance in teaching me to self love, I have come leaps and bounds in being able to be happy again. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.– Ken Mcleod, Gold Coast


I was an unhealthy smoker. It was so easy, just like having a visit with a friend! I have never been so relaxed in my life. Everything I mentioned or said was heard and felt like it was just for me. I am feeling relaxed and free of smoking for the first time in over 20 years. I would recommend anyone who wants to quit to come and see Lynda. – Kimberly Everson, Gold Coast


Previously I was upset at myself for not having the willpower to give up, even though I hated that smoking made me feel a social outcast with my family and friends. Now thanks to the wonderful Lynda and her super powers, I am in total control. I realise I do have willpower and more importantly I no longer have a desire to smoke. – Desiree Frazer, Public Officer, Gold Coast


Well it’s one month today since I met with you and became a non smoker! I still can’t believe how easy it’s been. No cravings, no upset, no snappy behaviour and no mind battles. When I wake up in the mornings now I’m not coughing my lungs up or have a mouth that feels disgusting. I have a new inner energy that I haven’t had in a very long time and feel so much more motivated. Have started exercising and feeling terrific. I don’t have to worry about how my breath or clothes smell. My partner, family and friends are very proud of me as I am of myself. Thank you so much Lynda for your genuine interest in people’s health and for providing such a fabulous programme. I am confident that I will never have another cigarette ever again!.– Anonymous


Lynda is very accommodating and comforting to talk to and makes it a very relaxed environment. I would be happy to see her over other issues of concern. – Ray Norris


Lynda has given me the tools to be rid of smoking forever and take back my healthy, happy lifestyle. I feel wonderful, relaxed, calm and strong. The session was fun, interesting and very in-depth. Lynda’s voice was soothing and hypnotic and the 45 minutes in the comfy chair felt like 20. I am now so pleased to say I’m a healthy non-smoker. Thank you Lynda.– L Hancox